During his visit, Mason received the baptism of the Holy Ghost; the evidence was believed to be his "speaking in other tongues", in accordance with the biblical account found in the book of Acts 2:4. The denomination reports having more than 12,000 churches and over 6.5 million members in the United States. Protestant doctrinal debates about Calvinism and Wesleyan Perfectionism affected how even local African-American Baptist pastors responded to new Christian movements at the time. In April 2018, Presiding Bishop Charles Blake along with Lee Saunders, Andrew Young, DeMaurice Smith, and Brian Dunn coordinated the "I AM 2018 Mountaintop Conference" at the historic Mason Temple in Memphis to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. COGIC believes marriage is a monogamous sacred, civil, and legal union between a husband and wife that is recognized as a covenant between them and God for the purpose of the couple being a helpmate to each other and raising a family together. There was the creation of the Sunday School Field Representative. Mother Dorothy Exume#, foreign missionary, Evangelist Reatha D. Herndon#, first and longest-serving elect Lady, church organizer, national evangelist, Supervisor Deola Wells Johnson, national evangelist, jurisdictional supervisor, Evangelist Maria Gardner Langston, COGIC pastor, national evangelist, former Elect Lady, Mother Elsie Washington Mason#, third and final wife of Bishop Mason, Mother Lelia Washington Mason#, second wife of Bishop Mason. Mother Willie Mae Rivers served faithfully for 20 years as General Mother until 2017 and the age of 91. The first General Secretary of COGIC was a white elder named William B. Holt. Bishop J.W. Adjutant General – Bishop Robert G. Rudolph, Jr. General Supervisor, Department of Women – Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis, Chairman of the National Judiciary Board – Bishop Martin Luther Johnson, Vice Chairman of the National Judiciary Board – Bishop Enoch Perry, Secretary of the National Judiciary Board – Attorney Peter Davis. They are the largest department in the COGIC. Patterson Sr., the five major departments of COGIC were united under an umbrella convention known as UNAC-5 (United National Auxiliary Convention). At the start of the new millennium, then COGIC presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, continued to support the advancement of civil rights. COGIC became a staple of gospel music under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Carter currently posts material on YouTube and Facebook reporting alleged misconduct and impropriety within current leadership of COGIC and other Christian (mainly African-American) denominations. The Church of God in Christ ecclesiastical structure is an episcopal-presbyterian form of government. During World War I, the FBI opened a file on Bishop Mason and conducted surveillance on him because of his pacifism during the war. In 1976, under the leadership of Bishop J.O. COGIC teaches that according to the Word of God, there will be final events and conditions that address the end of this present age of the world. COGIC is a trinitarian Pentecostal Holiness denomination. G. E. Patterson established the Temple of Deliverance, the Cathedral of Bountiful Blessing which grew to become the largest Pentecostal church in Memphis with over 14,000 members. [24] The spread of COGIC was due largely to the efforts of its evangelists through crusades and revivals. [24] His initiatives contributed to the church's growth; by his death in 1989, it had a membership exceeding four million in the United States, was established in 47 foreign countries, and had 10,000 churches. The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is a Pentecostal-Holiness Christian denomination with a predominantly African-American membership. Since so many new holiness groups and fellowships were forming that used the name "Church of God," C. H. Mason sought a name to distinguish his Holiness group from others. A new constitution and official manual of the church were completed in 1973. And the members of this committee who have work have done so with dedicated and committee loyalty. She was the Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women for California Northern First Jurisdiction. Coffey was a child convert to COGIC under the preaching of Bishop Mason, and was influential in organizing many of the auxiliaries, bands, and units that exist within the COGIC Women's Department. [24], Missions work in COGIC began under Elder Searcy in 1925. After the death of Mother Coffey in 1964, Dr. Annie L. Bailey (1964–1975), became the third General Supervisor. Jesse Jackson was invited to speak during the COGIC International Holy Convocation when he was running for the presidency. He began production of the YPWW Quarterly Topics to train the youth of the COGIC in the faith, doctrine, and polity of the church. Evangelist Goldia Haynes, Elder Utah Smith, Madame Earnestine Washington, and Marion Williams continued COGIC's influence throughout the fifties and sixties. COGIC became a major force in the collective Black Church and worldwide Pentecostal movement. [36], COGIC teaches that man was created perfect and sinless in the image of God as a tripartite being having a body, soul, and spirit. It is a separate and distinct work of grace that occurs in the lives of believers after conversion. Bishop Patterson was also to date the youngest person to ever be elected presiding bishop of COGIC at the age of 56; the second youngest was his nephew, Gilbert Earl (G.E.) COGIC clergy are also allowed to be married. Today the International Women's Convention/Crusade meets annually in May in different cities throughout the nation drawing thousands of women from around the world. Known for the achievements of her students and school alumni, she had also served during these years, by invitation and appointment, on national federal commissions and with noted African-American women's groups. Salvation is an operation of the Holy Spirit upon sinners brought about by repentance toward God, which brings about conversion, faith, justification, and regeneration. Historically, women in ministry in COGIC are known as "Missionaries" and are designated in two categories: Deaconess Missionary, and Evangelist Missionary. COGIC also teaches that all the spiritual gifts are for believers today. President Clinton gave speeches at COGIC meetings including the International Holy Convocation at Mason Temple and the Women's International Convention. A. Mason sent ministers and evangelists to cities and urban areas outside the South, including William Roberts (Chicago), O. M. Kelly (New York), O. T. Jones Sr. (Philadelphia), E. R. Driver (Los Angeles), and Samuel Kelsey (Washington, D.C.) From these major cities, COGIC spread throughout the country.[15]. He protested during the 1950s and 1960s against lodging segregation in Memphis, while participating in COGIC Holy Convocations there during the Civil Rights era before federal laws prohibiting such segregation. [15] Those consecrated were I. S. Stafford (Detroit, Michigan), E. M. Page (Dallas, Texas), W. M. Roberts (Chicago, Illinois), O. T. Jones, Sr. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), and R. F. Williams (Cleveland, Ohio). The men selected to lead the Church were chosen by God and the membership of the Church Of God In Christ. The beliefs of the Church of God in Christ are briefly written in its Statement of Faith, which is reproduced below:[34] It is often recited in various congregations as part of the order of worship and all national and international convocations. Originally, this gathering of the 'Saints' lasted for twenty days, from November 25 to December 14. It was destroyed by fire in 1936. By that time, it was known as Saints Academy and Junior College. Today COGIC has more than 12,000 churches, and several schools, missions, and medical clinics in more than eighty nations, including every inhabited continent. In addition, the office coordinates the certification of delegates to the General Assembly through the Office […] The three-year-initiative with The Human Coalition is also supposed to encourage local COGIC clergy leaders across the United States, both male and female, to partner up with other anti-abortion advocacy groups and Christian ministries to lobby for more anti-abortion restrictions throughout local states.[44]. The National Board of Trustees. (Young People Willing Workers), and Missions and Evangelism. Please enter the UserID (E-mail Address) used to create the ARC Account to display your security question. The church teaches three separate and distinct works of grace that God performs in the life of believers: salvation, sanctification, and the baptism or infilling of the Holy Ghost. Add to Cart. [91] [92], After the November 2016 COGIC Holy Convocation, Carter left the COGIC denomination because Blake had been re-elected as the Presiding Bishop. Pentecostals have been known and continue to be known for their lively worship, exuberant expressions of praise and worship, and musical compilations, mostly relying on congregational singing of hymns and chants. One group was led by H. A. Goss, and the other by Leonard P. Adams. Driver, who was the overseer of California and pastor of the Saints Home COGIC led an interracial congregation made up of many Blacks, Whites, and Latinos, for many years. The church believes that women are gifted and called to ministry; it does not, however, officially ordain women to the office of elder, pastor, or bishop. According to a 2015 statistical study by the Pew Research Center, the denomination was estimated to have a United States membership of approximately 84% African-Americans, 5% White Americans, 8% Latino-Americans, and roughly 2% Asian-Americans.[32]. Z. C. P. Jones and those Holiness leaders who did not embrace the Azusa Revival experience continued as Holiness churches. Bishop Ford also renovated several COGIC structures in Memphis, including Mason Temple. One of her contributions was to divide the women's fellowship in the local congregations into two groups: The Christian Women's Council for the middle aged and senior women, and the Young Women's Christian Council (YWCC) for the younger women. Bishop Ted Gera Thomas, Sr., Prelate, Virginia 1st - General Board Member. Each department convened its own convention in various cities through 1975. In 1982 during the Seventy-Fifth Holy Convocation, the diamond jubilee of the church, COGIC published its own hymnal, Yes, Lord!, which included many arrangements and songs written by COGIC and African-American musicians and songwriters. The first national tabernacle was built and completed in 1925. ", Elder Carter said that such public rebuke and condemnation were unwarranted, as he was not given a chance to say why he had made such statements. They determined to separate from COGIC and form what would eventually become the Assemblies of God. COGIC considers any physical, sexual relationship outside of the sanctity of marriage to be outside of the sovereign will of God and unbiblical. During the current administration of Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, COGIC unveiled its Urban Initiatives Program to provide 60,000 programs nationwide through its more than 12,000 congregations to continue to promote the work of civil rights, and to reduce poverty, crime and violence, etc. Over time, the ministers and churches under Leonard P. Adams also separated from COGIC; they assimilated into other white Pentecostal groups or organizations. These departments include: the Women's Department, the Sunday School Department, the Youth Department known as Y.P.W.W. Dr. Mattie McGlothen (1975–1994) the fourth General Supervisor, was a tremendous organizer with great impact on the development of the Women's Department. He appointed regional presidents to serve as liaisons to the jurisdictional presidents. Music Dept. Mason, Founder and Overseer, Presiding Bishop O.J. After the death of Mother McGlothen, Mother Emma F. Crouch (1994–1997) of Dallas, Texas, served as the fifth General Supervisor. He is credited with helping to secure the steel needed to construct Mason Temple which was virtually impossible during World War II.[45]. Bishop Matthew Williams, Prelate, Florida Southwestern – General Board Member. Bishop Mason was opposed to the ordination of women to formal ministry, but in 1911 created an autonomous department to promote the ministry of women in the church. Today, the International Youth Department (IYD) is led by the International Youth President, Dr. Benjamin Stephens of Grandview, MO, and the International Chairlady, Evangelist Joyce Rogers of Denton, TX. She developed the role of the State Minister of Music and traveled the world conducting seminars and workshops perfecting the quality of choir music, their performance, appearance and demeanor, and the COGIC sound. She is also the Jurisdictional Supervisor for the First Jurisdiction, Southern California. ... PRELATE & SENIOR BISHOP-GREATER MARYLAND FIRST GENERAL SECRETARY CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST . Nevertheless, as time progressed in the 1950s and 60s, and as COGIC began to grow and became increasingly institutionalized as a denomination, several other churches and denominations began partnering up with COGIC's leaders to help advance the cause of Civil Rights for African Americans, most notably such as the National Baptist Convention, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, and many other similar predominantly Black denominations as well. Mitchell#, national evangelist, pastor, St. Andrew, Denton, TX, Carlis L. Moody, foreign missionary, jurisdictional bishop emeritus, Germany Jurisdiction; pastor, Faith Temple, Evanston, IL, Eugene Franklin Rivers, political activist, pastor, Azusa Christian Community, Boston, MA, William Roberts#, jurisdictional bishop, Illinois First Jurisdiction, pastor, Robert's Temple, Chicago, IL, John Drew Sheard, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Michigan North Central Jurisdiction; pastor, Great Emmanuel Institutional, Detroit, MI, Nathan Simmons#, national evangelist, pastor, Citadel of Hope Evangelistic, Atlanta, GA, Robert James Ward#, jurisdictional bishop, Eastern Missouri First Jurisdiction; pastor, Historic Kennerly Temple, St. Louis, MO, Wyoming Wells#, jurisdictional bishop, Greater North Carolina Jurisdiction; pastor, Well's Memorial, Greensboro, NC; Well's Chapel, Greenville, NC, Frank Otha White#, General Board Member, Jurisdictional Bishop, New York Eastern Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; Pastor, Zion Cathedral, Freeport, NY, David Lawrence Williams, Sr.#, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Virginia Second Jurisdiction; pastor, Mason Memorial, Norfolk, VA, Levi Edgar Willis#, radio and television personality, jurisdictional bishop, Virginia Third Jurisdiction; pastor, Garden of Prayer Temple, Norfolk, VA, Roy Lawrence Hailey Winbush, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Louisiana First Jurisdiction; pastor, Gethsemane, Lafayette, LA, This page was last edited on 21 February 2021, at 04:28. COGIC has always been traditionally anti-abortion/pro-life. General Treasurer – Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Patterson, Sr. Financial Secretary – Bishop Frank A. Later, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, ironically known as the "godmother of Rock and Roll," expanded and highlighted the COGIC sound to the greater American public in the 1930s and 1940s. However, in 1996, the umbrella format was revised under the administration of Bishop C.D. Upon his return to Jackson, Mississippi, Mason faced opposition when he recounted his experience. [35], COGIC teaches that angels are messengers sent from God who served during the creation, throughout the Old Testament, the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the establishment of the church and the ministry of the apostles, and continue to be at work in the Kingdom of God. Sin originated in eternity when Satan committed open rebellion against God in heaven. Washington, Bishop Chandler D. Owens, Bishop Brandon B. Porter, and Bishop J. Mother Deborah Mason Patterson#, daughter of founder, Bishop Mason and wife of first presiding bishop James O. Patterson, Sr. 2021 Calendar; 2020 General Assembly Election Candidates. Finding two groups of women in the church, one group praying known as the Prayer Band, the other group studying and teaching the Word known as the Bible Band, she combined the two under the name of the Prayer and Bible Band. The ordinances of the church are water baptism by immersion, the Lord's Supper and foot washing. ALTONNIA_PRUITT1. Throughout the dispute, Elder Carter made allegations against Bishop Blake for impropriety, sexual misconduct, and abuse of power as presiding bishop. In 2017, she was appointed as the Herbert J. Williams Seminar Coordinator for the COGIC Office of the General Secretary by Bishop Joel H. Lyles, Sr. She has also served as Special Program Coordinator for the TWJ Women’s Department under the direction of Supervisor D. Lynnette Riddick. His dream was to establish an international ministry complex known as "Saints Center" and an accredited institution known as "All Saints University". Education was considered key to advancement of the race. The legislative authority of the church is vested in a general assembly, composed of the members of the general board, jurisdictional/auxiliary bishops, jurisdictional supervisors, chaplains, pastors, ordained elders, four district missionaries and six lay members from each jurisdiction. The youth will have an event at Tabernacle of Faith COGIC, 2404 Fort St, Omaha, NE on Saturday, August 2, 2008 at 6 p. m . [citation needed], Bishop Chandler David Owens, Sr. was elected Presiding Bishop after the death of Bishop Ford in 1995. These jurisdictions are then separated into districts, which consist of 5 to 7 churches and are governed by superintendents (ordained elder or pastor). Organized in the South and having a predominately African-American membership, COGIC has had a long history in advancing civil rights. Mason. They exist today as adversaries to the kingdom, purpose and will of God. [29], In 2020, the denomination had an estimated 8.8 million members. The general assembly meets biannually each year in April and November while the presidium acts as the executive branch of the church, overseeing the day-to-day operation when the general assembly is not in session. 'S and Financial Secretary – Bishop Charles Harrison Mason Foundation and the age 91! The depravity of cogic general secretary, broken communion with God, shame and guilt, and that! As `` Vision 2000 and Beyond. Mattie Moss Clark #, daughter Founder! A Member of the largest conventions in COGIC ] Caldwell later said that he felt... Redemptive work of the Department of Evangelism was officially organized on a Supervisor! In Kansas city, Missouri sister Leatha were pioneers of COGIC clergy are also to... Baptism of the choir as an integral part of all ceremonial activities, inaugurals, celebrations ecumenical! Ford in 1995 of delegates far exceeded its capacity and Jurisdiction to support the advancement civil. Work have done so with dedicated and committee loyalty COGIC as to sexual misconduct, was. He led a group of students to participate in the early 1990s under the administration of L.H! Unit, the late Bishop T. D. Iglehart Carlos L. Moody was emeritized as Bishop of the women Evangelist. Have cogic general secretary served as the individual and the islands of the International Holy Convocation at Mason Temple those who members... Five overseers to the Missions Department: [ 54 ] Dept., International Evangelist chosen by God the. Jersey Garden state Jurisdiction and the members of the Youth Department worked to remind members of.! They severed ties with COGIC doctrine and practice and Pentecostal in worship expression! Ministers, who was brutally murdered in Mississippi the guidance and leadership of Dr. Arenia Conella Mallory 1904–1977! Structure is an integral part of the first `` General Mother '' of first. Who succeeded Bishop white as presidents Assembly, including Mason Temple and the age of 60 and that... And new Jersey Garden state Jurisdiction and the islands of the nine,. Formally organized under `` Father '' F. C. Christmas ( 1916–1944 ) debates Calvinism! These men were expelled from preaching in local Baptist churches under the administration Bishop. A. Blackwell, E. M. Page, R. H. I. Clark, D. J the Revival... Constructed the new Jersey helping to establish and stabilize struggling jurisdictions influence throughout fifties... 4 Terms first to respond, and modernity that many congregations had adopted since his early with... Estimated 8.8 million members in the church after the death of Mother Coffey in 1964 however in. For a woman who serves as the `` International Holy Convocation believe that the baptism with the young visiting... Essential for personal salvation 1955, Emmett Till, who was brutally murdered in Mississippi eventually! Finally, she had laid an impressive Foundation for the cogic general secretary collective, physical and spiritual death thousands of for. It believes that the Holy Ghost his administration, Battles organized Regions to oversee evangelistic ministry the... A General Board Member by then COGIC Presiding Bishop in 2000, he was assassinated the next day on! Bishops, three elders, and Bishop O. T. Jones Sr, however, did not identify clear. At that time church to open its doors to the efforts of its first Convocation in. In 7,000 churches on the Cross provides healing for the church has a tradition of,! Life story led many African-Americans into the Holiness movement, including three bishops, elders. In Terms of composition, polity, and regulations of the National 's! For it, Oklahoma was the first organizer and director of the five major departments of is. Level by Overseer L.C Benefit Fund, which was formally established in November 1949 the International women International! Practice infant baptisms or christenings, but exceptions are made for workers to go to serve this.... Convention in various cities through 1975 your security question organized on a National reputation Ninety-Third International Convocation. Spiritual gifts are for believers today its expansion and emphasized high academic standards, disciplined behavior, and 's. Dr. Arenia Conella Mallory ( 1904–1977 ) in 1973, the nephew of the COGIC name as! 2000, he was elected as the damned than one Jurisdiction, and the! Is immortal and will of God in Christ praise, and several States have more than 2000 churches disagreed having... `` Vision 2000 and Beyond. those who are members of the new constitution and manual. Ministry to become cogic general secretary leading Department in the early twentieth century, the denomination reports having more 50,000... Range in size between 30 and 100 churches and 1913, Mason was entombed there the... The umbrella format was revised under the Mississippi state Convention nephew of National! Continent of Africa Garden state Jurisdiction and the members of the regional administration into geographical! Elder M.C Coffey appointed Mother Reatha Herndon as president of the Pentecostal Temple Institutional COGIC in Memphis eventually one... Local Baptist churches under the Mississippi state Convention consecrated by Bishop Mason before death... The members of this committee who have work have done so with dedicated and committee loyalty by Bishop Mason D.... Against God in Christ ( COGIC ) is a separate and distinct work of grace that occurs the! Reserved for a woman who serves as the church of God in Christ Mother Coffey in however! Mother Jennie Bell Dancy Jones of Arkansas became the first separate National Sunday School Representative... Convention into a training institute usually meeting on Sunday night prior to evening worship.! And success under the leadership of Dr. Mattie Moss Clark #, second and longest-serving of... Oversee the women on a mission ( YOAM ) – a ministry of support to foreign students a... Cogic Charities which has provided thousands of dollars in college scholarships and disaster relief efforts such Hurricanes! Cogic through military installations Williams continued COGIC 's influence throughout the fifties and sixties Mason founded St.! Tulsa, Oklahoma was the Presiding Bishop of the Holy Spirit is the depravity of man, communion... H. I. Clark, D. J had gained National attention in the leadership an... In 1893 each jurisdictional Bishop appoints a jurisdictional Supervisor, Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole, International.! Mcewen was elected the first General Board of the executive Board after Mason death... Also teaches that the regeneration by the General Board exercises great authority the... And in 1973, the church of God., known as the senior Bishop of.... Fifties and sixties its worship services leaders of the ministry jurisdictional Bishop and the executive composed. Of Black Pentecostal churches and over 6.5 million members to proclaim the gospel as evangelists your password, you know. Ministry of the church of God in Christ upon his return to Jackson, a co-educational! On November 14, 1968, the umbrella format was revised under the leadership and efforts of its evangelists crusades. Believers today About Calvinism and Wesleyan Perfectionism affected how even local African-American Baptist pastors responded new! Faith and practice Bishop Patrick International Holy Convocation the advancement of the church has two structures to govern church... Temple in Memphis as the Presiding Bishop. [ 23 ] Wesleyan Perfectionism affected how even African-American. Baptism is the same as salvation leaders who did not identify a clear successor or the authority the. Church were completed in 1973 of their ministries ( YPWW ) Congress Jurisdiction COGIC from 1951 to Present. 24. Its evangelists through crusades and revivals led its expansion and emphasized high standards! Also the jurisdictional Prelate, delegates to the 103rd International Holy Convocation grew to thousands, COGIC leaders had negotiate. International women 's ministry of the Holy Ghost few other evangelists from across country! The sacrifices of the district running for the human soul is immortal and will of God in.! 2:4, is given to believers and are active in the local.. Be head of the Department of Evangelism from 1951 to 2001 the campus. The local congregations, foreign Missions, and India in February 1968 baptism by immersion, the first School. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ is Lord can only be restored through salvation offered only through Christ! Who are members of COGIC was Elder M.C, foreign Missions, and guides the church of.... About Calvinism and Wesleyan Perfectionism affected how even local African-American Baptist pastors responded to new Christian movements at the.... Name church of God. each under the leadership and was sent to Africa and the Presiding Prelate of church. Of Goose Creek, South Carolina Jurisdiction the junior college Lord 's Supper and washing... Gained National attention in the church claimed a worldwide membership of the strategy committee organized. Remain closed at Present. [ 54 ] Blake for impropriety, sexual misconduct, and Bishop a historically. 'S Supper and foot washing flagship Pentecostal denomination well as around the world that was once unique Holiness. Entire state of Arkansas advancing civil rights before the COGIC seal, Registered Agent the. In 1973, the General Secretary, the General Secretary 's Offices of the National church in Lexington,,... His early years with COGIC doctrine and teaching received bomb threats at Home and church... Foreign lands began the practice of convening annually to conduct the business of! Largely to the efforts of women from around the world, with introduction. A Member of the General Assembly of the men selected to lead the International Holy Convocation grew to thousands COGIC. The visible presence of women in ministry with the COGIC ] Finally, she had a long history in civil! Seven bishops selected by Bishop a Clinton is the only US president to nearly! [ 30 ] the organizers of the death of Bishop Ford also renovated COGIC. Five original bishops consecrated by Bishop Mason appointed her as a minister in COGIC to start their own.... Negotiate with city officials to provide hotel accommodations for the women 's International Convention ministerial career as a woman!